International business platform

It is recommended in cases where the client intends to start a business in a particular market, with the intention of keeping it in the medium or long term, and not willing to make large investments or acquire legal and administrative commitments in the initial phase.

  • Representation and image of the company in the country
  • Contact person, office and local telephone
  • Documents and business material development adapted to the local market
  • Business strategy proposal
  • Identification of potential customers, establishing first contact and the maintenance
  • Collaboration in the preparation of tendering procedures
  • Collaboration in the contracts negotiation and closure

Project tender consultancy and representation

It is designed for companies with experience and reference in the sector that seek to explore the market.

  • Analysis of the client's capabilities: products, services, competitiveness, etc.
  • Business contact in the country
  • Detecting opportunities
  • Tendering advisory

Product commercialization and sales advisory

Focus on tenders of a certain scale, and represent competitive bidding companies.

  • Looking for local partners and negotiating
  • Obtaining strategic information
  • Communicating with the client
  • Collaborating in the preparation of tender
  • Negotiating the contract
  • Mediating to resolve problems during the implementation

Consultancy for investment and asset purchase

Consulting during the selection process, tender, negotiation, purchase and control and posterior management of an asset.

  • Selection of assets that meet the requirements
  • Initial evaluation for the tendering implementation
  • Negotiation of purchase condition
  • Due Diligence
  • Participation in the direction and management of daily activity in the first years

Business incubator for technical companies

Create a technical company (in China or Spain as appropriate), accompanying it on its first steps to adapt to customer needs, managing it entirely and following the agreed guidelines until the achievement of the objectives.

  • Legal and administrative establishment of a company / purchase of an existing business
  • Selecting and hiring appropriate staff for defined functions
  • Activity direction and management
  • Achieving sales goals as agreed