​​Renewables Energies

In a sector as renewable energies, which is experiencing great boom in both countries, AEI is the appropriate channel to find opportunities, synergies and collaboration between companies from both countries. In particular, the solar power technology is the main focus of AEI.
At the present, Spanish companies are the international leaders of the sector in engineering, construction, assembly and technology innovation, with incomparable experience and a great number of international references.
Meanwhile the Chinese companies concentrate on the manufacturing of components. At the moment they are trying to introduce their products into the international market, as well as to acquire new technology to become leaders in supply.
Chinese local market is gaining an increasing interest in the designing and construction of thermal solar plants, looking for cooperation with international companies and expecting to reach a considerable size in a short time.
Local companies lack capacity and references for the independent participation in these projects, while international companies are facing financial and capital challenges. Thus there is plenty of cooperation space as well as great possibilities.
AEI is able to contribute with a distinguished value in this stage and make the best use of resources in both countries.


AEI has accumulated years of experience in supplying panels to the Chinese manufacturers in different sub sectors, from TV industry, Broadcasting industry and Medical equipment industry. Those first line manufacturers are official suppliers to multinationals such as GE, Philips, Toshiba, Siemens, and meanwhile they may also have their own brands.
AEI has the knowledge of most of the panel models used in these mentioned industries, where panel has always been the critical component. AEI is capable of recommending to our clients the most suitable panel models, based on the specific function, purpose and working environment of the clients’ final products.